Introducing How to Adjust to the Dark by Rebecca van Laer!

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Brooklyn based writer and editor, Rebecca van Laer, brings us How to Adjust to the Dark. This multi-genre novella is about coming to terms with trauma and depression and shines a light on the way the identities we have created for ourselves ultimately limit us.

“Both coming of age narrative and autoanalysis, How to Adjust to the Dark narrates a young woman’s life, from her college years, during which she sees herself as a latter-day-confessional poet, to her decision to leave an MFA program and stop writing, to her eventual reexamination of her poems—and her beliefs about writing and creativity.”

This book is for anyone waiting for a sign from the universe or stuck in limbo trying to answer the dreaded question, what’s next?

A little bit about the author:

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Rebecca van Laer holds a Ph.D. in English from Brown, where she studied queer and feminist autobiography. She has also taught literature and creative writing at Boston University and Brown University. Her work appears in Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Hobart, and many others