Sophomoric Philosophy

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by Victor David Giron


Sophomoric Philosophy by Victor David Giron is the coming-of-age story of Alejandro “Alex” Lopez, a 30-something first generation Mexican-American who is struggling with finding his direction in life. Alex is an accountant working for a large corporation and is torn between his desire to lead an artistic life and the reality of his mundane, ordinary existence in contemporary Chicago.

“Victor knows small towns, and definitely knows drugs and chicks. He also knows what we listened to, watched and read in the '80s and '90s, adding a layer of time and place that is both uniquely Chicagoland and full of pop culture awareness. All of this is done with wit and nuance, but what allows Victor and this novel to transcend, and expand, on the genre is the exploration of the immigrant experience, specifically being first generation Americans navigating American culture, and frankly the sense that this is where literature is heading...” 
—Ben Tanzer, author of Lost in Space, Orphans, Lucky Man, and You Can Make Him Like You

“Even accountants need philosophy: This Gen-X Mexican American college grad tackles the prickly world of easy assimilation in Chicago. He, bookish, shy, athletically ok, but caught between the old world of the family and the nerve-wracking skirt chasing he is obsessed with, he's on a quest for meaning, whatever the fuck that might be. This book is perfect for soul searchers and girls that want them to man up. Decent foray into the world of ‘I don’t know if I can take this job anymore but can’t give up the money either.’ Does he get anything he wants? Or does he want it because it’s there?”
—Paul Hasegawa Overacker (Paul HO), Co-Owner/Director/Producer of Filmlike Films, Producer/Director of GalleryBeat Media

"It seems easy to abandon one's dreams for security. Sophomoric Philosophy is a novel of the life of one Alejandro Lopez, an artist who abandoned his art to become an accountant. As midlife approaches, he reflects on his choices that led him down this route, and the possibility of pursuing the dreams and choices he left behind. Sophomoric Philosophy is a thoughtful read that will resonate strongly with many readers, highly recommended." 
Midwest Book Review

"Giron practically wrote me into a 1990s coma with all his references to the music and fashion statements of those times. Bands like R.E.M., The Cure, Front 242, Ministry, and The Pixies who were forced to give way to grunge rock trend setters like Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana. Horrid clothing like Z.Cavaricci's and French-cuffed jeans giving way to the open flannel shirts, baggy jeans, and converse sneakers. It was like he had somehow been spying on me during my high school years. He was speaking about my generation! Those were my memories he was writing about..!"
The Next Best Book Club 

"I loved it. It's so full of honesty, self deprecation, and humor that I couldn't put it down. Victor threads strong themes throughout the entire book which include balancing passions with his career and maintaining his Latin American heritage. The serious themes are often separated by humor as we look into the main character, Alex, as he struggles (and triumphs) with sex, drugs, alcohol, fear of commitment, infidelity and defining his own interests. These situations were written so realistically that I couldn't help but compare my own awkward younger years and laugh at the similarity." 
—Jim Brown, an accountant living in Chicago

“Loved this book! It tells the story of a man (Alex) struggling with the machine of his modern adult life as he fondly looks back at the excitement, future unknowns, and adolescent ideals of youth. This novel grabbed my attention from the first few chapters, and was a great read as it transitioned smoothly from past to present and back again on a number of relatable topics. Highly recommended, especially to those in their 30s looking to explore what the hell happened in their own lives over the past 15 years.”
—Ayman El-Dinary, Electrical Engineer from Atlanta, Georgia

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Pages: 398
ISBN: 978-0615404431
Publication Date: October 2010

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