Samantha Irby's Book

By Lauryn Allison Lewis

We are so excited to announce that toward the end of next year, in the fall of 2013, we're going to publish the debut book by the extraordinary Chicago writer and performer Samantha Irby.  It'll be our first entry in the creative non-fiction category.  We're huge fans of Samantha and are eager to work with her to achieve her artistic vision.  Get a glimpse of Samantha and the book below, and stay tuned for updates!



Samantha Irby is a writer and performer who mostly makes jokes about hot dudes, diarrhea, kittens, and magical tacos on the internet at Seriously. Go read it. In addition to co-hosting The Sunday Night Sex Show, a sex-positive live lit show, she has performed at Essay Fiesta, Write Club, This Much is True, Grown Folks Stories, The Paper Machete, and Story Club, among others. She opened for Baratunde Thurston during his "How to Be Black" tour. She has been profiled in the Chicago Sun-Times as well as in Time Out Chicago, and her work has appeared on The Rumpus and Jezebel. Samantha and partner Ian Belknap write a comedy advice blog at


Samantha's book will be a brand-new collection of essays about being a complete dummy who is trying to laugh her way through how absolutely ridiculous life is. There will be some happy stories and a couple sad ones, but they will all be told with the same wit and candor that people have come to expect from her blog, Samantha will write about banging dumb dudes, working crappy jobs for no money, the six months she spent sleeping in her car, body image, relationship fears, and being pissed off about everything all the time: the usual.



TimeOut Chicago Interview

The Rumpus Essay

Paper Machete Performance

Vocola Radio Interview

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