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A Brownstone in Brooklyn

By Alexandra Isacson

She was an old married woman with a lover & the tarot.  She had visions & talked to family ghosts & limped with polio.  She lost her voice & did not speak for years.  When she let her hair down, it looked like a mink stole resting on her shoulders.  Charles, the postman, came to her house & took her out, while her husband was home.  She sent cards & letters kissed with exotic postage.  When her lover & husband died the same year, she said she hated New York City and was left holding only the tarot death card.


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Orion's Sword

By Gabriel Hurier

I am leaving
though I do not want to go anywhere less
than the space between
the Little Dipper
and the tip of Orion's sword
as it plunges to the hilt
into the unsuspecting black
deep space
and dark matter
of unknown days
and untold stories
of complete and utter


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