Curbside Splendor

Curbside Splendor features stories, poetry, and photography that is gritty, powerful, and celebrates urbanism. See the available issues below. 

"Curbside Splendor is a 'city' magazine that casts a wider net, with stories ranging out into suburban and even exurban interests. The design creates an urban and urbane showcase for the stories and poems set beside striking, complementary photography. It is a journal likewise proud of its writers and poets, placing brief bios in front of their works instead of relegating them to the back of the book. Then there’s the poetry: a variety of voices, whose general common denominator is a lack of pretentiousness. Try finding a litmag with that quality! Read Curbside Splendor now, and grow with it. - Newcity Lit

"May I be blunt? I love Curbside Splendor. I have almost despaired of university literary journals – I can feel the boredom of the great plains and the drudgery of academic work through every line. Where did the art of engagement go? Curbside is refreshingly free of political correctness and the strictures academic hot house. It's even run by people with day jobs in the real world -- imagine that! 'Curbside' stories, poems, and short shorts are punchy, direct, often hyperbolic – reflecting the mind-set and communication style of city life." - Christina Gombar, acclaimed author and editor.



Issue 4 features work by well established artists and those never published before.  Get a digital version for way cheap at

Valerie  Cumming, Tasha  Cotter, Scott Daughtridge, Peter Hoppock, Matt Denison, Amanda Faraone, Caitlin Colford, Kate Stanley, Michael Nagel, Phillipp Daniels, Colin Dodds, Michael Rizza, C. John Beckius, N.M. Morgulis, Terrell Jamal, Chris L. Terry, and Carissa Halston.  With photography by Karolina Koko Faber, Valerie Pidone, Gosia Matuszewska, Kurt Von Bley.

ISSN 2159-9475;  ISBN 978-0-9884804-1-4

5" x 8", perfect-bound paperback, 188 pages long, color.

Designed by Karolina Faber.

Edited by Leonard Vance


Issue 3 features work by Bill Mc Stowe, Spencer Shadel, Lauren Becker, Jennifer Schaefer, Simon A. Smith, Alba Machado, Heather Holland Wheaton, P.A.Levy, Gint Aras, Gabriel Kalmuss-Katz, Robert Duffer, Jane Rosenberg LaForge, Matt Rowan, Richard Thomas, Luis Valadez, Leonora Stein, Kia Groom, and JM Huscher.

Order a print version here and a digital version via

ISSN 2159-9475

5" x 8", perfect-bound paperback, 150 pages long.


Curbside Splendor Issue 2

Issue 2 features work by Christine Sneed, James Tadd Adcox, Debonair Oates-Primus, Dan Melling, Paul Luikart, E. Michael Desilets, Lavinia Ludlow, Michael San Filippo, Kerry Lanigan, Richard Schnap, Farah Ghuznavi, Simon Pattullo, JB Mulligan, Kathleen Rooney, John Grey, Elisa Gabbert, Ben Spies, Muyassar Kurdi, Mather Schneider, KG Newman, and Tom Molanphy.

Order a print version direct from us here:  store.  Order an electronic version at

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ISSN 2159-9475;  ISBN  978-0-9834228-4-6

5" x 8", perfect-bound paperback, 150 pages long.


The debut of Curbside Splendor's semi-annual print journal - Issue 1 - featuring short stories, poems, and or photography by James James Greer, Ben Tanzer, Timothy Gager, Lara Konesky, Ryan Werner, Yovani Flores, Brandon Jennings, Michael San Filippo, Garett Holden, Farah Ghuznavi, Martini Harkert, Anthony Ilacqua, Frankie Metro, Isabel Kestner, Deadbeat Poet, Sondra Morin, Ally Malinenko, Sharanya Manivannan, Eirik Gumney, Karolina Faber, and Gabriel Hurier.

Order a print version here and a digital version via

Add to your Goodreads:  Curbside Splendor Issue 1: Spring 2011

ISSN 2159-9475, ISBN 978-0-9834228-0-8

5" x 8", perfect-bound paperback, 162 pages long.


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