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Old Black Magic READS presented by AMFM

Revise the Psalm contributor Tina Jenkins Bell (and other FLOW members) will be reading at this event. Books will be for sale.

Join AMFM and Soulful Chicago Book Fair for a day of literary black magic in conjunction with the month-long "Old Black Magic" exhibition curated by AMFM at the Chicago Art Department. 

The Soulful Chicago Book Fair is a celebration of literacy and literary arts found throughout the African Diaspora. It is Chicago’s only living “author-centric” festival, filled with OUR stories told through books, spoken word, songwriting, playwriting, art and more!

The event will feature a mini "book fair," live readings, poets from Soulful Chicago Book Fair and up and coming black writers and storytellers like Storie Devereaux. The day will also feature a panel of litterati talking about their black magic in the literary sense! 

Come read or get read!