Kedzie Avenue (pre-order)


by Darryl Holliday, Jamie Hibdon, and E.N. Rodriguez

Kedzie Avenue is an expansive look at everyday life on a single street in Chicago from the creative minds of the Illustrated Press. Drawing on a year’s worth of reporting and interviews with a wide range of Chicagoans, the book weaves personal narrative, journalistic reportage, and frame-by-frame illustration into a complex portrait of an American city.

"This book feels like Chicago at its best—Imaginative and essential; full of surprises and full of soul. When's the next one coming out?"
Thomas Dyja, author of The Third Coast: When Chicago Built the American Dream

"With passion, empathy, and a generosity of spirit imbuing both their writing and artwork, the Illustrated Press are able to create a humane and heartfelt brand of comics journalism: quiet but powerful stories of ordinary people and looked-past places that command our attention and forge a living, breathing, necessary history of the everyday world we all share."
—Ivan Brunetti, author of Aesthetics: A Memoir

"Reporter Darryl Holliday and illustrator Erik Rodriguez are Chicago's pioneers of the comic journalism medium."
CHICAGO magazine

"Four years in the making, including a year of on-the-ground reporting, the three collaborators known as Illustrated Press have created a portrait of our city, encapsulated in one street." —Chicago Reader

"[The Illustrated Press is] an experiment in journalism from Chicago—the product of narrative non-fiction stories told through first-hand reportage and finely tuned sequential art.”
—WGN Radio

"At times evoking the tradition of big-city metro columnists—or even the spirit of one of this city’s literary lions, Studs Terkel—their work offers heartfelt, often newsy, snapshots of life in Chicago, from a jail inmate’s wedding at the Cook County Courthouse to one South Side community’s drastic demographic change through the eyes of a longtime resident."
Columbia Journalism Review

"[Darryl Holliday and Erik Rodriguez] seek answers to their burning questions. They highlight what they see as injustices. They analyze and criticize from a place of love."
Printer's Row Journal, Chicago Tribune

“One of the things that really impresses me about what the Illustrated Press guys do is that they are able to keep their work true to Chicago and be committed to depicting the city in a really thoughtful and visually affecting way."
—Erin Polgreen, co-creator of Symbolia Magazine

Darryl Holliday is a reporter, nonfiction writer and photographer living in Chicago.

Jamie Hibdon is a cartoonist living in Chicago. When not working with the Illustrated Press, his work can be found in his ongoing anthology, Lingua Franca Comics.

E. N. Rodriguez is an artist and graphic designer for the Chicago Tribune.

Pages: 350
ISBN: 978-1940430591
Publication Date: June 2017

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