The Way We Sleep

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by C. James Bye and Jessa Bye

The Way We Sleep, edited by C. James Bye and Jessa Bye, is an anthology of short stories, interviews, and comics all dealing with sleep. Beds are the most intimate of places, where you spend a third of your life. They are quiet places, they are rambunctious places. The Way We Sleep combines prose, comics, illustrations and interviews into a fantastic book all about the way we sleep.

PRAISE FOR The Way We Sleep:
"At once a hybrid text and a compendium of tales related more or less loosely to the theme of sleep, this generously sized volume edited by C. James Bye and Jessica Bye offers flash-length tidbits and short stories by well-known and less well-known writers, interviews with movie and TV directors, and a healthy dose of comics."
Los Angeles Review

"The Way We Sleep represents the very best of what a book can do that no other narrative medium can touch; it's part anthology, part art-book, part interview, part graphic novel, part confessional, part essay, part sociological study. The subject matter here ranges from sex to family to coming-of-age, all rendered with a delightful wit, brevity, and charm. From Mary Roach's study of insomnia to Tony Millionaire's depiction of epic torpor to the Resident's exploration of sleepwalking, The Way We Sleep is as intimate, poignant, and humorous as anything whispered beneath the sheets."
—Joe Meno, author of The Great Perhaps and Hairstyles of the Damned

Tara Abbamondi, James Tadd Adcox, Andrew Bales, Pamela Balluck, Maria Bamford, Ron Barrett, Nick Bertozzi, Jeffrey Brown, Margaret Chapman, Joey Comeau, Hugh Crawford, Robert Duffer, Natalie Edwards, Roxane Gay, Rick Geary, Sharon Goldner, Eric Haven, Cynthia Hawkins, David Heatley, Owen Heitmann, Steve Himmer, Nathan Holic, Emily Horne, William Hughes, Tim Jones-Yelvington, Jim Joyce, Kenny Keil, Etgar Keret, Michael Koh, Lauryn Allison Lewis, Todd Levin, Susan L. Lin, Billy Lombardo, Joe Lo Truglio, Rachel Mans, Becky Margolis, T.J. Miller, Tony Millionaire, J. Adams Oaks, Jimmy Pardo, Jesse Reklaw, The Residents, Mary Roach, Bryan Rubio, Matthew Salesses, Dakota Sexton, Michael Showalter, Curtis Smith, Simon A. Smith, Angi Becker Stevens, Megan Stielstra, Ben Tanzer, Sally Jane Thompson, JA Tyler, David Wain, Brandi Wells, Julia Wertz, Shannon Wheeler, Alison Wight, and Catriona Wright 

C. James Bye is the co-founder and Arts and Media editor of Knee-Jerk Magazine. He insists on being the little spoon, despite his six foot three-and-half inch frame.

Jessa Bye is the web editor of Monkeybicycle. She kicks off her socks when she sleeps, and her husband has to pick them up. Like, every single morning.

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Pages: 230
ISBN: 978-0988480407
Publication Date: December 2012

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