Wolf Doctors

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by Sara Woods

In Wolf Doctors, Sara Woods' first full-length collection of poetry, we find cities that have transformed into girls, but who perhaps would like to transform back once again into cities. We find lovers in a forehead-shaped grove, next to a forehead-shaped lake, touching their foreheads together, endlessly. We find rampaging herds of bulls that desperately love that which they trample to death.

"You know when you're reading a book and you recall a strange moment from childhood, one hiding in you you hadn't looked at in years? You were at the grocery store with your mother, browsing produce under the cold fluorescents, staring at prices, when you, your mom, everyone else in there felt a tug, from nowhere, and another, and were snagged into the quickening of time and flung into each other, into shelves, through walls, flying out into the sunlight; glad, together, wearing the names of pets... This is Wolf Doctors, and it is a true joy."
—Donald Dunbar, author of Eyelid Lick

"Sara Woods is a writer of the moment. Her words are alive; each piece masterfully straddles the line between prose and poetry. I dare your heart not to race faster and faster with each turning page. And when you're done reading this book, you can use it to prop up your gaping jaw."
—Lindsay Hunter, author of Ugly Girls and Don't Kiss Me

"Sara Woods is a jewel hotel when it comes to the impossible account of the individual thrill. Give her a sentence, and she'll build a monument made out of dissolvable grocery lists. Give her a word, and she'll make it adventurous and personal. No, listen to me! I'm not just a traffic cop! Sara Woods knows what it means to witness your own wilderness." 
—Carrie Lorig, author of NODS

"Sara Woods stretches her poems like skins over the framework of the modern world - Red Bull bones and Internet veins underneath. But these poems are bigger than the now we live in. They stretch and yearn and grown and WANT, these sharp little gems, and then they look back at themselves and laugh, with all the humility and surprise that marks the very best kind of poetry."
—Amber Sparks, author of May We Shed These Human Bodies and co-author of The Desert Places

"Sara Woods travels between the fantastic, the blissed & the corner convenience store, attaining strangeness & beauty from each. And beneath the fun & fires & parties & skewed formalism of these poems there is the looking at the world, being willing to look every time anew at the ever-new world, so feral & amazing & unexplainable. Wolf Doctors is a vehicle, the cruising Buick you can't stop watching, the Buick I want to take a ride in every day for the rest of everything."
—Mathias Svalina, author of I Am a Very Productive Entrepreneur and The Explosions

"Sara Woods pulls off good tricks in these prose-y poemish things, like when she addresses the people who aren't reading them, or when she calls one a writing prompt and then tells you it's a poem, or when a poem is sponsored by Red Bull. But what sends me reeling is what a great writer she is. With all the oddities and uncanny ideas, this book would be strange indeed—if it wasn't so impeccably composed, so cohesive in the way it's arranged, and in how everything bounces off each other, how it all makes sense of what's senseless. Wolf Doctors is an easy book to be enthusiastic about."
—Adam Robinson, author of Adam Robison And Other Poems

Sara Woods lives in Portland. She is the author of nine chapbooks, most recently Warm Morning (The New Megaphone). Her poetry and collaborations have been published in magazines like Diagram, The Denver Quarterly, Gulf Coast, Guernica, PANK, Barrelhouse, Dusie, Sixth Finch, and Columbia Poetry Review.

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Pages: 112
ISBN: 978-0988825802
Publication Date: March 2014

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