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Curbside Collaborates with The Downtown Writers Jam

On November 12, we piled into a friend's car and headed east to Indianapolis for Volume 2 of The Downtown Writers Jam, hosted by Brad King of The Geeky Press. 

Susan Hope Lanier, Ben Tanzer, and Erika Wurth competed alongside six, Indy-based authors for audience cheers and jeers. The premise was to tell a story based off published or soon-to-be-published work. Needless to say, Susan killed with her retelling of a sexually-repressed househusband, 

Erika reflected on the real-life characters surrounding her childhood, and Ben spoke reverentially about becoming a father in the wake of his own father's death.

Thanks to Brad King for organizing this Curbside-heavy Jam & to Indy Reads Books for hosting — all warm fluorescents shining on hardwood floors offering a reprieve from the unprecedentedly chilly evening! 


Photos courtesy of Rebecca King of The Geeky Press.