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Announcing KEDZIE AVENUE by Darryl Holliday + Jamie Hibdon

We are beyond excited to formally announce that we're teaming up with Darryl Holliday, Jamie Hibdon, and Erik Rodriguez, the geniuses behind Illustrated Press, to publish Kedzie Avenue: Stories Drawn from a City Street, their second full-length book, in fall 2015. 

Kedzie Avenue is a graphic portrait of Chicago and its people, connected by a single street. The book will feature beautiful, full-color, frame-by-frame illustrations, personal narrative, and journalistic reporting, compiled from a year's worth of on-the-ground reporting. 

Illustrated Press's first projects and collaborations have garnered serious critical acclaim. CHICAGO magazine called Holliday and Rodriguez the "pioneers of the comics journalism medium." Printer's Row Journal said, "...They seek answers to their burning questions. [...] They analyze and criticize from a place of love." They've also been featured at CBS Chicago, The Rumpus, on WGN Radio, and elsewhere. 

To support the production of this unique project, Illustrated Press is launching a Kickstarter campaign. Donate now through Tuesday, December 23rd, to have a part in this ground-breaking project that will change the way you think about journalism, and most importantly, the way you think about Chicago.