Happy Birthday, Curbside Splendor!

It's our birthday! This week marks our fifth year of publishing some of the most essential voices, and to celebrate, we're selling all published paperbacks for just $5 in the store. Think of it as a thank you for supporting us, our books, and our authors these past five years. 

A note from Victor David Giron, our publisher / el jefe / friend to all books:

"Five years ago I published my book Sophomoric Philosophy. At the time it was nothing more than a dream/desire to write a book and see it come to life. In the process I created an entity called Curbside Splendor Publishing, an ode to a college pipe dream, as a means to publish the book. The process became a way to collaborate artistically with friends of mine.

"The satisfaction that came of what we accomplished with the book inspired me unlike anything I had accomplished to that date, so much so that I decided I wanted to continue collaborating with others to make books; books that would showcase exciting new voices, stand alone as art objects, be controversial, and plain and simply, be great fun to read and share with others. I never aspired to be do anything such as publishing, and I’ve been surprised along the way with the challenges and rewards it has presented. It’s easily the hardest business venture I’ve been involved in. We’ve had tremendous ups and downs. There’s been times where our backs have been against the wall, quite literally, wondering to myself what I had gotten myself into yet assured that I was doing what I needed to be doing, and I suspect that will quite often continue to be the case.

"During these five years I’ve gone under tremendous personal change from embarking on raising a family to starting a new career. Now at five years young, I find myself more inspired than ever in what we’re doing, surrounded by staff / writers / hard-working idealistic minded folks that are eager and passionate, and I’m digging in, getting ready to see what we’ll accomplish next. To all that have cared, read our books, written the wonderful books we’ve published, been patient with us, covered us in the press, helped in some way, been a part of who we are, thank you. Cheers to reading and writing."