Curbside Splendor at Sulzer Library

Join us next Saturday for "The Poetry of Influence" at Chicago Public Library's Sulzer Regional Branch!

On April 4 at 2 pm, seven Curbside authors will each read and discuss a beloved poem against a passage of their own writing that is influenced by it.

Hosted by Jacob S. Knabb, Editor-in-Chief of Curbside Splendor Publishing and Professor of English at Lake Forest College. 

W. Todd Kaneko (Dead Wrestler Elegies)
Megan Stielstra (Once I Was Cool)
James Tadd Adcox (Does Not Love)
Erika T. Wurth (Crazy Horse's Girlfriend)
Daniela Olszewska (Citizen J)
Okla Elliott (The Doors You Mark Are Your Own)
Cassandra Troyan (Kill Manual)