Book Releases


We're rounding out our Spring 2015 catalogue with a few books this summer, and we can't wait to share them with you. This July, make sure to lose yourself in LITTLE BOY NEEDS RIDE, a collaboration between playwright Chris Bower and artist Susie Kirkwood. 

These stories are weird yet far-reaching, compelling yet bleak, all beautifully illustrated in Susie's characteristic style of live-action shadow puppets which 
translate effortlessly to paper. 

Check out the LITTLE BOY NEEDS RIDE book trailer to see for yourself, and make sure to pick up a copy July 7!

"These stories by Chris Bower vomit uphill a compendium of beautiful losers, cummy snowmen, and such love. His longtime collaborator, illustrator Susie Kirkwood, opens the pages with freshly dark design and iconography, cleanly harmonious with Bower’s filth. The book is ultimately fun and deeply caring, and its author a gallow’s wit with theatrical instincts. You will find yourself, your loved ones, and our stupid feelings in this swill—'You’re going to remember this, even when you’re dead.'" —Fred Sasaki, art director for POETRY