South Side Weekly & Illustrated Press present: Story Lines

The Cultura in Pilsen gallery open the “Story Lines” exhibit this Friday, hosted in part by South Side Weekly and The Illustrated Press. The exhibit, focusing on comics journalism about the south side of Chicago, will display both completed works and process sketches. Live sketching sessions, as well as a zine and comic pop-up library installation, will also be part of the exhibit.

Darryl Holliday, Erik Rodriguez, and Jamie Hibdon—the team behind Illustrated Press and the authors of the forthcoming, graphic novel KEDZIE AVENUE—will be amongst those artists displaying work, along with Carlos Matallana, Javier Suarez, Jean Cochrane, Bea Malsky, Maha Ahmed, and others. 

Partnering with Attitude 7, Holliday, Rodriguez, and Hibdon were funded by the Illinois Humanities Council to showcase their three-month long project, “Reporting Back,” which made its final run in May at Columbia College.

RSVP & info on Facebook. Hope to see you there!