Darryl Holliday and Jamie Hibdon: "The New Black Power"

This month’s issue of Chicago Magazine features an article by Darryl Holliday and Jamie Hibdon, two-thirds of Illustrated Press, the minds behind our forthcoming book Kedzie Avenue: Stories Drawn from a City Street.

The article, “The New Black Power,” offers insights into new, young black activist groups and a multitude of perspectives within the larger community of black activism, even more fully realized due to Hibdon’s striking visuals rendered in a palette of black, red, and white. 

To see the article in full, click here or check out the March issue of Chicago Magazine

Curbside Splendor is thrilled to be publishing Holliday, Hibdon, and fellow collaborator E.N. Rodriguez’s Kedzie Avenue, an expansive look at everyday life on a single street in Chicago. The book combines personal narrative, journalistic reportage, and frame-by-frame illustration into a complex portrait of an American city by drawing on a year’s worth of reporting and interviews with a wide range of Chicagoans. Kedzie Avenue will be released this August but is available for pre-order here.