Eat, drink, & be merry (and read!)

Cris Mazza is reading at Curbside!


Charlatan: New and Selected Stories has been officially released, and we’re celebrating! Cris Mazza will be reading from her new collection this Friday, accompanied by the saxophonist Mark Rasmussen. Festivities start at 6:00 at Curbside Books & Records. Check out our facebook event or online calendar for more information.

Can’t make the shindig? Catch Mazza on the 19th at Riverview Tavern for an encore performance as part of the Sunday Salon Prose Reading Series. Details can be found here.

After long fearing I’d slipped into this profession with fake credentials, I’ve now realized my charlatan-complex was sustained for the wrong reason. My original assumption: that I’d been published and continued to be published only by luck or fluke, that soon the literary world would realize I had no talent and nothing to say. But my disguise, the role I played, the impostor that I am, has not been that I am a writer.”
— Cris Mazza

“I write as a Charlatan


Coming up at Curbside



Now – December 31st

The Third Annual Wild Onion Novella Contest is live now! Got a manuscript burning a hole through your computer? Submit it to us! Submissions will be accepted to our submittable page and judged by writer Tim Kinsella. Kinsella is the author of two novels, Let Go and Go On and On  (2014, Curbside Splendor) and The Karaoke Singer’s Guide to Self-Defense (2011, Featherproof Books) and one book of non-fiction All Over and Over (2015, Joyful Noise / Featherproof Books). In 2014 he became the publisher and editor at Featherproof Books.




Saturday November 18th

Revise the Psalm editor Quraysh Ali Lansana will be giving a gallery talk at the American Writer’s Museum in their new exhibit, Captured Stories. Lansana will be joined by Nancy Sindelar of The Ernest Hemingway Foundation. Click here for more.