The Dark House Press Halloween Sale

It's the spookiest time of year! What better way to celebrate the horror of Halloween than hunkering down with a neo-noir-iffic book?

Now through *gulp* midnight on October 31, buy any or all of our Dark House Press titles for only $5:

Exigencies edited by Richard Thomas
Exigencies is an anthology of 23 original neo-noir stories by emerging authors that blend literary fiction, fantasy, horror, and crime in order to explore an exigency, a tipping point. The writing is a hybrid of page-turning genre-writing and transgressive fiction and show-cases some of the best new writers of neo-noir.

The Doors You Mark Are Your Own by Okla Elliott and Raul Clement
Joshua City is one of seven city-states in a post-apocalyptic world where water is scarce and technology is at mid-twentieth-century Soviet levels. As the novel opens, the Baikal Sea has been poisoned, causing a major outbreak of a flesh-eating disease called nekrosis. Against this backdrop of political corruption, violence and oppression, a struggle for control of Joshua City ensues, and a revolutionary group called The Underground emerges. 

Vile Men by Rebecca Jones-Howe
Vile Men is a collection of dark, seductive, powerful, and touching short stories told with a lyrical voice that lulls readers into submission with its elegant, enlightened prose. Including several original stories, Jones-Howe's words dance trancelike on the page before clenching readers tightly by the windpipe and whispering that everything will be all right.

After the People Lights Have Gone Off by Stephen Graham Jones
The fifteen stories in After the People Lights Have Gone Off by Stephen Graham Jones explore the horrors and fears of the supernatural and the everyday. Included are two original stories, several rarities and out of print narratives, as well as a few "best of the year" inclusions. In "Thirteen," horrors lurk behind the flickering images on the big screen. "Welcome to the Reptile House" reveals the secrets that hide in our flesh. In "The Black Sleeve of Destiny," a single sweatshirt leads to unexpectedly dark adventures. And the title story, "After the People Lights Have Gone Off," is anything but your typical haunted house story.

Echo Lake by Letitia Trent
When 30-something Emily Collins inherits her recently murdered Aunt's house she moves to Heartshorne, Oklahoma, to claim it and confront her family's dark past. After her dead mother begins speaking to her in dreams, Emily stumbles upon a horrible community secret that leads to terrifying revelations about the supernatural pull of Echo Lake.

The New Black edited by Richard Thomas
The New Black is a collection of twenty neo-noir stories exemplifying the best authors currently writing in this dark sub-genre. A mixture of horror, crime, fantasy, science fiction, magical realism, the transgressive, and the grotesque all with a literary bent, The New Black represents the future of genre-bending fiction from some of our brightest and most original voices.